Friday, February 1, 2013

Poor Hoke

A few months back, the nagging ACL tear that Hoke has had since he was about 6 years old finally gave up the ghost when he was playing with another Aussie visitor (a girl Aussie, of course) so yesterday Dr. Ryan went in and wired him up.  Now, it's 12 weeks of leashes and no playing, not that he does a lot of that anymore, but he has to stay home and in his crate while the girls get out and do their packwalk in the mornings.

Pathetic, the look he has here.  It might just be him trying to tell us how sorry he is for costing us 1.5 mortgage payments, but probably not.

Many, MANY thanks to Dr. Ryan and the entire staff of Veneta Vet hospital for taking such great care of him!  But, he sure was glad to go home this morning.

Don't forget to click the pix to get the full effect of that look


  1. Poor Hokey Poke... Looks like its up the the Girls to get all the work done at the Ranch.

  2. Poor Hoke!! I hope he is feeling better soon!