Friday, February 15, 2013

Handsome Hank and Silly Sawyer

We got a double treat yesterday, with both Hank (2010 litter) and Sawyer (2012 litter) stopping by for a visit.  Hank had just come from getting his OFA's done so he was a tad on the sleepy side, which meant I could finally get a few good shots!  Sawyer was excited to see his sister Sybil and that made him a bit on the bouncy side, but Trevor got him to stand nicely for one shot, and then after he and Sybil had played for quite a while in the rare winter sunshine, he flopped in the grass with great uncle Ho Dog in the background for a nice shot of the little goofball

Hank at 2 years

Sawyer at 7 months

1 comment:

  1. handsome lads!I think Timber might just be a Hank clone, at least judging by the pictures.
    Rowyn and Sawyer look similar in build, where did they get such long legs?