Sunday, February 24, 2013

Freya passes puppy class

Ellen listening to the instructor while Freya waits nicely
Ellen rewarding Freya with a pet.
Hard to see but Freya is looking right up at Ellen, checking in with each other.

Proud jr handler Ellen with her pup Freya

Ellen & Freya pass puppy class
Ellen did a great job as handler at puppy class.  She remembered word for word the directions the instructor gave so that she could correct the rest of us as we practiced during the week.  Ellen was so motivated to train Freya on her own time.  She even felt nervous that she wouldn't pass puppy graduation today.

Freya has been busy this past month.  She had her spay surgery.  24hrs after her surgery she acted like nothing had happened.  I only had to put her cone on when she was being left home alone.  She hated it.  I would come home and find her in the same position I left her.  She must have thought we had devised a new torture device.

Also this month Dale came to San Diego.  Freya, plus Rowyn, Gypsy and Shae met him at the Del Mar dog beach.   A great time was had by all.  I will try to post a couple of pictures from that day.  Not slowing down, Freya  joined Rowyn at the zoom room to get an introduction to agility.  It was hard to tell who enjoyed it more, Freya or the kids.  Now Ellen is bugging me to sign her and Freya up for agility lessons.  She must get it from having to run agility courses while I was pregnant with her, running our previous Aussie, Jarrah.

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