Friday, February 15, 2013

Fighting Alligators

An errand downtown Eugene today found me within striking distance of Leslie, with Riley (2010 litter) and Princess Stella (2012 litter), at their lovely ranch off Lorane Hwy, so a visit was in order.  Not just to see the two alligators but also the new greenhouse (it's been a year for that around here) and the poor, expired 'Honeycrisp' apple tree that s-i-l Dustin removed.  Leslie and hubby Mark took the two siblings out to the small agility jumpers course set up on the property and turned 'em loose and I have to say, the entire time, every bit of 45 minutes if not more, Stella never, EVER stopped.  At one point, Riley took a jump while on the run from her and I gotta say this to you local agility people - watch out.  You don't have enough dog to compete with this guy, I guarantee it.  I think it will be awesome if I ever get to see Riley go head-to-head with brother Tazz in the ring; it would be quite the show.  And then when Stella joins the fray, I see everyone else looking for 4th place ribbons

Riley (deep red) and Stella (red merle) imitating alligator fights

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