Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Rowyn, working on his first career...

As a model. He's got those long, coltish legs, that lean build and rugged good looks, he'd be perfect on the runway or in print ads. Actually, his legs don't look so long in this shot, I was shooting from a slightly higher point.

And every model needs 'the look'. He calls this, 'sincerity'.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Freya passes puppy class

Ellen listening to the instructor while Freya waits nicely
Ellen rewarding Freya with a pet.
Hard to see but Freya is looking right up at Ellen, checking in with each other.

Proud jr handler Ellen with her pup Freya

Ellen & Freya pass puppy class
Ellen did a great job as handler at puppy class.  She remembered word for word the directions the instructor gave so that she could correct the rest of us as we practiced during the week.  Ellen was so motivated to train Freya on her own time.  She even felt nervous that she wouldn't pass puppy graduation today.

Freya has been busy this past month.  She had her spay surgery.  24hrs after her surgery she acted like nothing had happened.  I only had to put her cone on when she was being left home alone.  She hated it.  I would come home and find her in the same position I left her.  She must have thought we had devised a new torture device.

Also this month Dale came to San Diego.  Freya, plus Rowyn, Gypsy and Shae met him at the Del Mar dog beach.   A great time was had by all.  I will try to post a couple of pictures from that day.  Not slowing down, Freya  joined Rowyn at the zoom room to get an introduction to agility.  It was hard to tell who enjoyed it more, Freya or the kids.  Now Ellen is bugging me to sign her and Freya up for agility lessons.  She must get it from having to run agility courses while I was pregnant with her, running our previous Aussie, Jarrah.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Fighting Alligators

An errand downtown Eugene today found me within striking distance of Leslie, with Riley (2010 litter) and Princess Stella (2012 litter), at their lovely ranch off Lorane Hwy, so a visit was in order.  Not just to see the two alligators but also the new greenhouse (it's been a year for that around here) and the poor, expired 'Honeycrisp' apple tree that s-i-l Dustin removed.  Leslie and hubby Mark took the two siblings out to the small agility jumpers course set up on the property and turned 'em loose and I have to say, the entire time, every bit of 45 minutes if not more, Stella never, EVER stopped.  At one point, Riley took a jump while on the run from her and I gotta say this to you local agility people - watch out.  You don't have enough dog to compete with this guy, I guarantee it.  I think it will be awesome if I ever get to see Riley go head-to-head with brother Tazz in the ring; it would be quite the show.  And then when Stella joins the fray, I see everyone else looking for 4th place ribbons

Riley (deep red) and Stella (red merle) imitating alligator fights

Handsome Hank and Silly Sawyer

We got a double treat yesterday, with both Hank (2010 litter) and Sawyer (2012 litter) stopping by for a visit.  Hank had just come from getting his OFA's done so he was a tad on the sleepy side, which meant I could finally get a few good shots!  Sawyer was excited to see his sister Sybil and that made him a bit on the bouncy side, but Trevor got him to stand nicely for one shot, and then after he and Sybil had played for quite a while in the rare winter sunshine, he flopped in the grass with great uncle Ho Dog in the background for a nice shot of the little goofball

Hank at 2 years

Sawyer at 7 months

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Timber Pics (Body shot)

Michaela sent me another batch of pictures of Timber, and this one includes a body shot of him standing. He is just a beauty!
Look at that coat and the body! He looks taller and slightly sleeker than Sawyer. 

I'm glad Stella isn't the only one with a coat.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Stella Doggy Class & Bath

So, on Wednesday, we have our obedience class with Sawyer. You can imagine how happy Stella & Sawyer are to see each other and play the entire class! Well, at least, they WISH they could. We have to make sure they pay attention to their respective owners during class. Anyways, Brandi & Trevor were experimenting to see if a tennis ball would capture Sawyers attention more than treats, and Stella decided she wanted the ball after class... This was the outcome:

The picture is fuzzy because I was laughing while capturing this. This went on for 5 minutes straight of Stella not giving up the ball, and Sawyer wanting it back.

We finally had to pry stella off of the ball.
Happy doggie faces
  The next day, it was time for Little Miss to get a bath. Her ruff was almost permanently brown, and she had a streak of something (dirt? Pitch?) on her forehead that wasn't easy to get out. She was not happy about getting washed, so I decided to grab a few pictures of the pitiful "why are you doing this to me" face because it was just too funny to pass up.

Look at those puppy dog blues! 

Why are you taking a picture?

All clean! Look at how white her chest is! And she's all fluffy now! I wonder how long it will take for her fur to smooth down. 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Pasture Pals

Friday evening, the sun came out for a brief visit, mostly I'm sure to let us know it does still exist.  With Ho Dog and Hoke both old and pretty much broken, the girls found it much more fun to go play out in the north pasture while the cows were in the feederbunks eating.  And it was a good chance to check out the new S110's zoom.  The dogs are down by the hay pasture and I'm up at the gate and the second two shots are at max non-digital zoom.  Not bad, but definitely not up to the standards of a true SLR digicam like Dale's Nikon D7000

Gem the BC and Sybil watch as chubby momma Cricket heads down their way at a fast waddle

Friday, February 8, 2013

Family Squabbles

A few weeks ago, Shae nailed Rowyn on the muzzle for breathing too much of her air. Or something. He now sports this marking;
Talk about precise bite inhibition. She managed to take off the hair, yet not break the skin. I'm wondering if the hair will grow back.

Timber Picture update

Timber in his favorite spot in front of the fire

Timber & Ylvie

Newborn lamb

Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Cone of Shame

This is your recovering ACL patient his first day off the pain killers (and after he removed the bandage a few days prior)

These are the pretty staples, all nice and neat in a row, that Dr. Ryan painstakingly put in

This is 12 minutes later than the very first picture of this series.  Note the missing staple at the bottom and the almost removed one above it

This is your sad ACL patient now wearing the 'Cone of Shame' until Valentine's Day when the staples are supposed to come out

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Trip to the park

   Even though it's been sunny off and on it doesn't mean that the mud is all gone. Trips to the park usually mean a bath afterwards.

 happy puppy.

He's getting better at not getting so dirty now. Mostly paws, nose and butt.

Bath time sad face.

So clean and ruffle-y

Sawyer and Samuel

  Sawyer and his Labrador friend met when they were 10-11 weeks old and have been best friends since. We meet up at a dog park every week and they play like there is no tomorrow. It used to be intense wrestling matches but, tug of war has become the new favorite. Over the last few weeks Sawyer has become very grumbly. He gets the most vicious growling going although it's hard to believe when his little tail is wagging away the whole time. He does pretty much anything to make sure he is going to win.

 This one is from a few weeks back. Sam probably has 10lbs on Sawyer now.

This little golden puppy was such a cutie. He was watching Sawyer and Sam play after a bit he started trying to play tug with them. It was so sweet.

Goofy pups.

A game I started today because Freya was bored and I was busy.

Sweep Video

Shot on one of our recent walks. It's only a matter of time before she gets stuck by something. We were out scouting for a hike  that I guided for a group of about 18 international visitors here for a conference.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Poor Hoke

A few months back, the nagging ACL tear that Hoke has had since he was about 6 years old finally gave up the ghost when he was playing with another Aussie visitor (a girl Aussie, of course) so yesterday Dr. Ryan went in and wired him up.  Now, it's 12 weeks of leashes and no playing, not that he does a lot of that anymore, but he has to stay home and in his crate while the girls get out and do their packwalk in the mornings.

Pathetic, the look he has here.  It might just be him trying to tell us how sorry he is for costing us 1.5 mortgage payments, but probably not.

Many, MANY thanks to Dr. Ryan and the entire staff of Veneta Vet hospital for taking such great care of him!  But, he sure was glad to go home this morning.

Don't forget to click the pix to get the full effect of that look

A Gift From Germany

Look what showed up at the ranch the other day, all the way from Germany!  Mimi (Timber's mom) made this beautiful Aussie head for us!  I will give it a nice linseed oil finish to protect it from our winters and display it proudly