Monday, January 21, 2013

How to Wash the Dog

These last few days in the sunny south land are exactly that. We have days in summer that aren't nearly this nice. Perfect weather for washing the dogs. I am probably one of the laziest dog owners ever, and I want to share my dog washing secrets with you.

Step 1.  drag the hose out onto the lawn and put the spray nozzle on.
Step 2.  turn the hose bib on.
Step 3.  pull the trigger on the nozzle handle, lock it in place and get out of the way.

Step 4.  turn water off, add shampoo to dog and lather.
Step 5.  turn water on, and get out of the way again.
Apparently, biting at all that water causes rear legs to levitate.

Step 6. turn off water and allow dog to air dry.

Works for old dogs too.

P.S.  make sure to hang hose back up, so it doesn't end up more like a drip line.

1 comment:

  1. I wish washing Sawyer was that easy! We just got him interested in stepping into baby pools by himself.