Thursday, January 31, 2013

Timber Update & Photos

Timber -or should we rather say Cuddler- is and has ever been the most gentle dog we’ve ever had! Can you imagine a dog who is bred to herd sheep and cattle preferring to lay in front of the fire place all day long instead of going for a run in the snow? Yes, that’s him! If you’re not super observing, you will have trouble making a difference between him and the cats…
However, it’s not like he wouldn’t know exactly what he is and what he has to do, well actually I think he knows best what he shouldn’t do: Leaving the estate is so much fun especially if he can just run past those slow human beings calling him name… Since he’s such a sweet heart we can’t be mad at him for longer than 3 seconds! 
Oh, and I almost forgot: he found the love of his life, her name is Ylvie, our older dog, and we’re planning their wedding right now, we already found a pastor, his name is Freddy and he’s a beagle… They can’t be separated for more than an hour a day, and if they could, they would play all day long- of course only if it’s not too cold!
 His favorite toy to play with is by the way – how could it be any different- plane wood, but the most jummy timber Timber has found so far is definitely the one that has been cut so nicely and brought right next to the fire place! Oh, well, chewing and destroying news paper is also great! And it makes as big as a mess as the wood, that’s the best part about it! He also has made some new friends in his puppy class, who welcomed them very friendly even though it was a little hard to understand this weird language at the beginning. Even the sheep have got to know this little show off: Oh yeah, he gets very excited when he sees those big sheep, but he feels sooo strong as long as he is behind the fence, but as soon as they’re coming towards him he is the shyest little innocent puppy you can imagine… 
All in all there are almost only pictures of him in our arms and under the blanket, sometimes even on the couch, but only if Dad isn’t at home, and we love him to the moon and back! Thank you Don and Dusty for the greatest dog on earth! 

Monday, January 28, 2013


Sweep waiting for a command that she will intentionally ignore because it does not fit into her vocabulary when she is off leash in the desert. Otherwise she is incredibly obedient. LOL

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Hoke and Sybil

Just a coupla shots of daddy Hoke and sister Sybil for your enjoyment

Nope, Hoke's smart but not smart enough to read

That little black spot near Sybil's nose is her beloved Buggy.  She played with him for quite awhile last night until they both got tired and lay down together.  I didn't want to break her heart and tell her that Buggy passed over The Bridge in his sleep, but in the trash he went as soon as she went outside to potty

The Relaxation Gene

Yep, that gene runs in the family, at least on the maternal side.  First pix is of Cricket's brother Gris on the other coast, who has also mastered the art of camoflague.  As you can see, he's just in the minor leagues compared to his sister Cricket.  And her daughter Sweep shows that she can relax and snooze anywhere, important for the pup on the go (previous post)

Friday, January 25, 2013

Sweep Asleep

Couldn't resist taking this picture yesterday(while driving). Quality is poor, but funny none the less. Sweep had the entire back seat of the truck to lie down. Instead, she chose to lie on top of my file box. Stayed there for an hour on the way to Laughlin. Never said she was smart ALL the time.

Monday, January 21, 2013

How to Wash the Dog

These last few days in the sunny south land are exactly that. We have days in summer that aren't nearly this nice. Perfect weather for washing the dogs. I am probably one of the laziest dog owners ever, and I want to share my dog washing secrets with you.

Step 1.  drag the hose out onto the lawn and put the spray nozzle on.
Step 2.  turn the hose bib on.
Step 3.  pull the trigger on the nozzle handle, lock it in place and get out of the way.

Step 4.  turn water off, add shampoo to dog and lather.
Step 5.  turn water on, and get out of the way again.
Apparently, biting at all that water causes rear legs to levitate.

Step 6. turn off water and allow dog to air dry.

Works for old dogs too.

P.S.  make sure to hang hose back up, so it doesn't end up more like a drip line.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Rowyn - 6 Months Old. New Picture

If Rowyn had a decent photographer for an owner, this picture would look much better. He's close to 20" tall now, and weighs almost 38 pounds. Lost the last of the baby teeth about 2 weeks ago. He hasn't been taught any new tricks, but he's very good at keeping my feet warm when I sit at the computer. He doesn't eat snails very much any more. Now he plays with rocks. Ones that he can pick up in his mouth, or push around with his front feet. Then he leaves them on the lawn. I think he's trying to sabotage the lawn mower. His guarding instinct is sort of kicking in, in that if something scares him he'll bark at it instead of running away. Last night he was barking because he could hear an owl hooting in one of the trees near the yard. I think he goes through mini puppy fear periods every other week. He's a goofball.

Edit: Gosh, if you teach the puppy to 'stay', which took a whopping 5 minutes, its much easier to get a flattering picture.
And some judicious cropping to hide the goofy sit.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Running into the New Year

After a long holiday break, Rowyn finally was able to have a play date with his buddy Tripp. Tripp was born two days after Rowyn, and was smaller than Rowyn when we first met. That changed about 2 months ago. Tripp is a really nice dog, but he's not always sure he likes Rowyn's cheeky attitude.
Someday I'll manage to get some 'pretty' pictures of Rowyn.

Strange things hang out at Tripp's place. The first time Rowyn noticed this, he was sure it was coming to eat him. Seems like he's forgotten about it now.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

5 month visit

Hey guys, Anna here. My mom, Princess Stella and I went to visit Dusty and the ranch a few days ago. Stella hadn't been there since September so she was reintroduced to Cricket, Sybil and Hoke. I managed to get some pretty funny pictures of Stella and Cricket, as well as Hoke, but didn't manage to grab photos of her & Sybil.

For the parents of puppies two years ago; Henry, Taz, Jan, Cody, etc Hank was there and I finally got some pictures of the pup who I don't think anyone ever saw.

Stella at 5 months:

Cricket & Stella:

This was the best picture of the bunch. Mom & Dusty got such a kick out of this picture. *Disclaimer: Cricket did NOT bite Stella. She was just snarling at her. No puppies were harmed in the making of this picture.

And then daddy Hoke

I love the look on Hoke's face

You can see Riley in Hoke's face. 

 And last but not least, Hank:

He's very handsome, built square, and just gorgeous.