Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Rompin' in a Winter Wonderland

Hey all! As explained in the email thread, it snowed here today, and it was Stella's first time experiencing it. She was nothing short of completely exuberant. She spent all the time she had outside today racing around at top speed, and at the same time, snapping in the air trying to catch snowflakes...She also demonstrated her version of "Doggie Snow Camouflage":
If you look closely, you can make out her form, hiding in the snow. ;)

She's giving me the "Really? More pictures in front of the Christmas tree?" look. It's not my fault she would't stay still the first round. We had just washed her right before this too. That's why she looks so clean...


  1. That first shot looks like a Bev Doolittle I think is the name of that artist!

  2. Yeah, Bev Doolitte, the artist who paints the spotted horses coming through the aspens in the snow, right?
    Stella looks like she's perfectly marked for playing hide-n-seek in the snow (and mud).

  3. Haha! She has no interest in being in front of the Christmas tree! She is getting so big! And it has only been a week since we have seen her.