Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Holidays!

From our zoo to yours, a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Hoke, Cricket, Santa Paws, Sybil, Gem the shy BC and gone but never forgotten, Gizmo


  1. That's pretty good you managed to get them all in position for the shot. Gems' just keeping her on on everyone:) That's the only place she could do that from and still face the camera.
    What a good looking tree. Do you just take the sections apart and put it in a box after the holidays? LOL
    You'd probably get thrown in the pokey for having a fake tree.

  2. He here, it's always a riot getting the pix. Surprisingly, Sybil is the best and its a tie between mom and dad for the worst. Usually we don't even try to get Gem in the shot but this year, she snuck in.

    And yes, heretics that we are the tree goes back in its 4 big boxes every year. We always smile and say thank you kindly to everyone around here who wants to give us a tree. We've had this one for years, it's all prelit and the dream of every man, it has a remote. But, it's on it's last legs; several of the light strings have burned out as have two of the six light sockets. As much as I like the smell and look of the real thing, and even tho we have our pick of any type and size we could want from all the growers around here, they are a mess I just don't want to deal with. So I have been shopping Balsam Hill trees for our next one, our next tree in a box.