Saturday, November 3, 2012

You Asked For It - From the Archives, Baby Cricket

Now that Shelly brought it up, I realized I hadn't posted pix of baby Cricket.  Have lots - she was awful cute and very photogenic.  Unlike Hoke.  Enjoy!

Fresh off the plane from Boston, home in Ramona.  I think she was 12 or 14 weeks old

Uncle Ho Dog, great grandma Jazzee

'So, what's the deal with the tail?  Is it edible?  Or just a handle?'  With Gizmo, who will not be amused

First meeting with her future puppy daddy, Hoke.  Hoke was not impressed.  Neither was Cricket.  It was a match made in heaven

Still Ramona, so not more than a few months old

Learning to use her puppy cuteness to steal a bone from uncle Ho

Day before heading home, up on Sugarloaf Mountain in Mass. with momma Dancer, a Jazzee granddaughter and Catera daughter

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