Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Beach, Again.

Yes, in between rain showers (you read that correctly) we went to the beach and met up with Katrina, Freya and their visitor, Seva.

The Aussies, Freya, Shae and Rowyn
Sweet and Lovely Seva
Rowyn, after his first swim. It was an accident, but he handled it well.

Hello, Yoda? We found your ears.
Freya is trying really hard not to laugh. I'm LMAO. Katrina said Rowyn had windsocks. (snicker)


  1. Replies
    1. What? About the ears? They're only standing up because he's facing into the wind. :-) Gads, that picture cracks me up.

  2. Good LORD and butter YES, those ears!!! Sure Freya was politely not laughing or just stunned into immobility? "Yep, that's my doofus brother there, doing his Flying Nun meets George Lucas imitation."