Monday, November 12, 2012

Rowyn, Mug Shots at (almost) 4 months

(caution: the blog below contains images that viewers may find disturbing. Viewer discrection is advised.)
I love my pup, I really do. And I think he's adorable, in a goofy sort of way. It just cracks me up sometimes when I look at him.
He finally got a stop between his top skull and muzzle.
Most of the time, his ears look like this. I'm fairly confident that one of these days, they'll stop trying to levitate and settle down nearer the sides of his head. And his cheeks will end up wider than his muzzle. So if any of you other puppy owners think your pup is looking a bit odd these days, well, just think of Rowyn.

Since, at least right now, Rowyn can't count on getting by on his looks, he's started learning tricks. He made this one up himself.

Ta Dah!

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  1. Hey lady, you need to fix your pretty red Dobermanns ears again or they will never stand up straight