Thursday, November 29, 2012

Happy 15th Catera!

Okay, so I'm off by a week (almost).  You know me, always late it seems.  But Kris did remember and sent along a nice pix of Her Majesty on her 15th birthday last Friday, and I went into the archives and hunted up a few shots from her younger days.  Catera is our first Hall of Fame dam, the last offspring of Jack X Jazzee surviving, and she's doing quite well, thanks to Kris and Guy's excellent care, no thanks to great grandson Henry I'm sure.  Two years now and she's probably STILL waiting for him to leave!

Catera and brother Merlin, about 4 years I think

7 months old, Cayucos California and Kathy Warren (Windsong) Boot Camp

Catera with brother Bruce, about 2 years old

Doesn't she just look thrilled?

Again, it's that whole head-in-a-box gene rearing it's ugly, um, head

That tongue gene also crops up all the time.  About 3 years old in Ramona on the building site of our home

Sharing some snooze time with brother Merlin

The Queen at 15

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