Friday, November 30, 2012

From Timber and Michaela

I totally agree with Katrina:
"Exercise for these endurance working dogs is the secret to happiness."

Timber is still a "no-problem-dog". A bit shy with other dogs and new situations, but I rather have him that way than being to rough and wild.
Yesterday I was skinning a raccoon, he went hunting with me, oooohhh that was a bit scary too for little Timber...
He has to do a lot, he now (8.00 am) is on his morningly walk with a friend from the village, she picks him and Ylvie every morning for an hour walk with her dogs. I do some paperwork, feed the dogs when they are back, the go myself for a quick run. (My doctor gave me a green light for starting my training finally, which makes me VERY HAPPY). So on, they will be more hikes and runs today with Matthias and the kids to come today and some tracking training with me. Of course we care for his bones, we do not over-exercise him, but he definitely is very relaxed due to being busy.

Annika and Timber

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