Saturday, November 3, 2012

From the Archives - Daddy Hoke, Ugly Puppy

Some pix of daddy Hoke for your enjoyment.  I didn't take many pix of him as a baby puppy, as he was, to be brutally honest, probably the ugliest Aussie puppy ever.

This is one of my fave pix - in Ramona, probably as a two year old, flying at the camera

Playing with Ho Dog, probably 4 months old

This is one of the 'better' pictures of a 4 month old Hoke.  You can't tell that his nose is about 2 feet long in this shot

Same head, now two years old

Yep, 4 months

Hoke's daddy Streak


  1. I never paid attention before, but in Hoke's puppy pictures I see what looks like a dilute spot below his right eye. I'm sort of really hoping Rowyn's head turns out more like Cricket's...