Monday, November 5, 2012

Beach Time with Rowyn

Warm Santa Ana conditions in San Diego, plus the end of daylight savings time this year equals a great morning to head to Dog Beach. There's free parking until 9am!

Meeting new friends? This dog wasn't very scary, but Rowyn thought some of the bigger dogs might eat him. He ran and hid between my legs on several occasions. We met a Newf/St. Bernard mix that was sooooo big, he could've been fitted with a saddle.
Right now Rowyn's legs seem so long, I'm considering telling people he's a rare type of Pointer.
His tail, and the markings on his butt, crack me up.

Playing in the water. The blue merle is my other dog, Shae, another Morgan River pup. Just not a puppy any more. She's 13 years old now.

At the beach, Shae is Rowyn's self appointed nanny, and she inserts herself between Rowyn and the bigger dogs. She seemed very happy to have a job to do. She used to do the same thing to my other dog Plato, and he was older than Shae.

That was fun. (BTW Shae, was it really necessary to roll him in the sand?)

Tired puppies, sandy car.

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  1. HEHEHEHEEEE, look, a red tri SANDwich!!! Go Shae! Better sand than cow curds or UDA (Unidentified Dead Animal) in the car.

  2. Those ears!!! That nose!! His legs!!!! Oh my gosh!!!! Dusty! What did you cross him with!? He looks like a Pharaoh hound+pointer mix!!! Not any kind of aussie!