Friday, November 30, 2012

Flashback Friday

Finally took a minute (maybe more) to upload the 2,348 photos off my iphone when I stumbled across these little gems. These were all taken around 4 weeks old, when they were chaotic blurs or in focus and sleeping. Sometimes I miss seeing them this small! But it has been so much fun watching all of them grow and learn. So, here is a little flashback friday for everyone...

Little Timber snoozing between the dog houses

Miss Gypsy

 Sweep was determined to have some space between the dog houses too.

 The funny thing is Sawyer still makes this face when he's sleepy.

 Rowyn before the ears came in. ;]

 Miss Stella snuggling up for a nap.

Probably one of my favorites of Stella and Freya napping together.

From Timber and Michaela

I totally agree with Katrina:
"Exercise for these endurance working dogs is the secret to happiness."

Timber is still a "no-problem-dog". A bit shy with other dogs and new situations, but I rather have him that way than being to rough and wild.
Yesterday I was skinning a raccoon, he went hunting with me, oooohhh that was a bit scary too for little Timber...
He has to do a lot, he now (8.00 am) is on his morningly walk with a friend from the village, she picks him and Ylvie every morning for an hour walk with her dogs. I do some paperwork, feed the dogs when they are back, the go myself for a quick run. (My doctor gave me a green light for starting my training finally, which makes me VERY HAPPY). So on, they will be more hikes and runs today with Matthias and the kids to come today and some tracking training with me. Of course we care for his bones, we do not over-exercise him, but he definitely is very relaxed due to being busy.

Annika and Timber

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Happy 15th Catera!

Okay, so I'm off by a week (almost).  You know me, always late it seems.  But Kris did remember and sent along a nice pix of Her Majesty on her 15th birthday last Friday, and I went into the archives and hunted up a few shots from her younger days.  Catera is our first Hall of Fame dam, the last offspring of Jack X Jazzee surviving, and she's doing quite well, thanks to Kris and Guy's excellent care, no thanks to great grandson Henry I'm sure.  Two years now and she's probably STILL waiting for him to leave!

Catera and brother Merlin, about 4 years I think

7 months old, Cayucos California and Kathy Warren (Windsong) Boot Camp

Catera with brother Bruce, about 2 years old

Doesn't she just look thrilled?

Again, it's that whole head-in-a-box gene rearing it's ugly, um, head

That tongue gene also crops up all the time.  About 3 years old in Ramona on the building site of our home

Sharing some snooze time with brother Merlin

The Queen at 15

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Freya's first trip to the desert

Thankgiving with family & friends

Carefully watching the remote control car

For Thanksgiving we went to Anza Borrego with family and friends.  Of course within minutes of arrival Freya had her mandatory initiation to the Jumping Cholla Cactus.  Luckily it was a small one that I could get out with tweezers but enough for her to learn to avoid them in the future.  Another first was running along side me on the mountain bike, quite nicely.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Piles of leaves

Sawyer likes to help* Trevor and I do yard work.  I was lucky enough to catch a couple of little moments.

*help is referring to running, bounding, jumping and rolling through the leaves.

Rowyn - The ear saga continues

Maybe they got heavier, or maybe the top of his head got tired of holding them up; the ears are finally accepting that gravity isn't going away. They can still get up on top of his head, though.

Rowyn is a dog of picky tastes. If he can pick it up with his mouth, he'll try to eat it. Not content to eat things as found, he's taken to gastronomic experimentation. His latest project is sun-dried snails.

Here is the recipe: find a snail,
take it over to the lounge chair,
remove the shell from the snail while lying on the lounge chair
leave naked snail on lounge to dry in the sun, usually one day is enough.
come back the next day and enjoy.

He tells me they would be much better with butter and garlic (isn't everything?). But there is no way I'm letting him use my pots and pans.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sweep at 4 mos.

Sweep. Post dirt pile romp. The other end.

Sweep at 4 months

I searched the valley for a big dirt pile for Sweep to play in. Mission accomplished! 

Monday, November 12, 2012

Rowyn, Mug Shots at (almost) 4 months

(caution: the blog below contains images that viewers may find disturbing. Viewer discrection is advised.)
I love my pup, I really do. And I think he's adorable, in a goofy sort of way. It just cracks me up sometimes when I look at him.
He finally got a stop between his top skull and muzzle.
Most of the time, his ears look like this. I'm fairly confident that one of these days, they'll stop trying to levitate and settle down nearer the sides of his head. And his cheeks will end up wider than his muzzle. So if any of you other puppy owners think your pup is looking a bit odd these days, well, just think of Rowyn.

Since, at least right now, Rowyn can't count on getting by on his looks, he's started learning tricks. He made this one up himself.

Ta Dah!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Beach, Again.

Yes, in between rain showers (you read that correctly) we went to the beach and met up with Katrina, Freya and their visitor, Seva.

The Aussies, Freya, Shae and Rowyn
Sweet and Lovely Seva
Rowyn, after his first swim. It was an accident, but he handled it well.

Hello, Yoda? We found your ears.
Freya is trying really hard not to laugh. I'm LMAO. Katrina said Rowyn had windsocks. (snicker)

Monday, November 5, 2012

Beach Time with Rowyn

Warm Santa Ana conditions in San Diego, plus the end of daylight savings time this year equals a great morning to head to Dog Beach. There's free parking until 9am!

Meeting new friends? This dog wasn't very scary, but Rowyn thought some of the bigger dogs might eat him. He ran and hid between my legs on several occasions. We met a Newf/St. Bernard mix that was sooooo big, he could've been fitted with a saddle.
Right now Rowyn's legs seem so long, I'm considering telling people he's a rare type of Pointer.
His tail, and the markings on his butt, crack me up.

Playing in the water. The blue merle is my other dog, Shae, another Morgan River pup. Just not a puppy any more. She's 13 years old now.

At the beach, Shae is Rowyn's self appointed nanny, and she inserts herself between Rowyn and the bigger dogs. She seemed very happy to have a job to do. She used to do the same thing to my other dog Plato, and he was older than Shae.

That was fun. (BTW Shae, was it really necessary to roll him in the sand?)

Tired puppies, sandy car.

More pictures at this page;

Saturday, November 3, 2012

You Asked For It - From the Archives, Baby Cricket

Now that Shelly brought it up, I realized I hadn't posted pix of baby Cricket.  Have lots - she was awful cute and very photogenic.  Unlike Hoke.  Enjoy!

Fresh off the plane from Boston, home in Ramona.  I think she was 12 or 14 weeks old

Uncle Ho Dog, great grandma Jazzee

'So, what's the deal with the tail?  Is it edible?  Or just a handle?'  With Gizmo, who will not be amused

First meeting with her future puppy daddy, Hoke.  Hoke was not impressed.  Neither was Cricket.  It was a match made in heaven

Still Ramona, so not more than a few months old

Learning to use her puppy cuteness to steal a bone from uncle Ho

Day before heading home, up on Sugarloaf Mountain in Mass. with momma Dancer, a Jazzee granddaughter and Catera daughter