Monday, October 22, 2012

The last few days

 Everyday we go on an afternoon walk.  Everytime we are out I try to take some photos. One day I will stop being lazy and pull out the ol' DSLR. Until then my handy little iPhone will have to do. We were so lucky with the beautiful sunny fall weather.  It seems like this has been one of the more colorful autumns we've had here. I think all the sunshine through September helped.

 'Ok. How many more photos are you going to take?'
 Haha! He was sleeping so comfortably like this.
 The rainy days are here again. Sawyer wasn't a huge fan of being outside in the rain. I figured what the heck, lets try out a little rain jacket. What do you know? It worked out! And he looks adorable in his little red rain jacket.

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