Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Stella & Rye Guy's first playtime

Hey guys! Anna here. I hope everyone is having fun with their respective pups. Stella has found her new favorite toy to play with; her big brother, Riley. About two weeks ago, we finally allowed Rye guy in Stella's play pen, and immediately, they set to playing. It's hysterical watching them, and watching Little Miss be completely relentless. She goes and goes and goes, and when Rye wants to get a drink she nags him until he starts playing with her again. He got annoyed enough the other day though, and ran, and snapped at her. We're hoping that Rye will teach her a lesson, and calm her down...

Here are some pictures to make you laugh:
My favorite is the third one down


Rye: You better watch it, pup...

Stare-down... you can see Stella's bat ears in this pic.

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  1. love the look on Riley's face in the 3rd pic down!