Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Cricket and the Cows

From the archives:  Cricket's first time on stock - ever - at 14 months old, on three steers that had never been moved by a dog before (non-dog broke).  Tony, the white face Angus X, was a total butt who challenged her every time (he ended up in the freezer and he was right tasty) and every time, she met his challenge and put him in his place.

Walking up on the three young steers for the first time

She is driving them along the fenceline, setting the pace and rating herself beyond belief for a first timer.  This is all natural talent, as I'm behind her with the camera

Putting two of the boys back on the fenceline where she wants them

And, then Tony gets all uppity

I don't know where the picture is of her almost taking his nose off seconds after this shot was taken, but suffice to say, she made her point, he turned around and went with the flow.  Remember, this is a 14 month old puppy who has never been on stock (other than ducks at 6 weeks of age) and has no training of any sort

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