Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Stella & Rye Guy's first playtime

Hey guys! Anna here. I hope everyone is having fun with their respective pups. Stella has found her new favorite toy to play with; her big brother, Riley. About two weeks ago, we finally allowed Rye guy in Stella's play pen, and immediately, they set to playing. It's hysterical watching them, and watching Little Miss be completely relentless. She goes and goes and goes, and when Rye wants to get a drink she nags him until he starts playing with her again. He got annoyed enough the other day though, and ran, and snapped at her. We're hoping that Rye will teach her a lesson, and calm her down...

Here are some pictures to make you laugh:
My favorite is the third one down


Rye: You better watch it, pup...

Stare-down... you can see Stella's bat ears in this pic.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Yeah! I Can Post!

Last Wednesday, Gypsy and Rowyn met up at Dog Beach in Del Mar.
Taking pictures of 2 fast moving puppies is, of course, twice as hard as taking a picture of one.

Monday, October 22, 2012

The last few days

 Everyday we go on an afternoon walk.  Everytime we are out I try to take some photos. One day I will stop being lazy and pull out the ol' DSLR. Until then my handy little iPhone will have to do. We were so lucky with the beautiful sunny fall weather.  It seems like this has been one of the more colorful autumns we've had here. I think all the sunshine through September helped.

 'Ok. How many more photos are you going to take?'
 Haha! He was sleeping so comfortably like this.
 The rainy days are here again. Sawyer wasn't a huge fan of being outside in the rain. I figured what the heck, lets try out a little rain jacket. What do you know? It worked out! And he looks adorable in his little red rain jacket.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Cricket and the Cows

From the archives:  Cricket's first time on stock - ever - at 14 months old, on three steers that had never been moved by a dog before (non-dog broke).  Tony, the white face Angus X, was a total butt who challenged her every time (he ended up in the freezer and he was right tasty) and every time, she met his challenge and put him in his place.

Walking up on the three young steers for the first time

She is driving them along the fenceline, setting the pace and rating herself beyond belief for a first timer.  This is all natural talent, as I'm behind her with the camera

Putting two of the boys back on the fenceline where she wants them

And, then Tony gets all uppity

I don't know where the picture is of her almost taking his nose off seconds after this shot was taken, but suffice to say, she made her point, he turned around and went with the flow.  Remember, this is a 14 month old puppy who has never been on stock (other than ducks at 6 weeks of age) and has no training of any sort