Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Timber at Christmas Time

These are from Michaela and Timber (in Germany)

"here two pics of today-
you see Timber seems to be not only 100 % working line---
but also 180 % kuddling line...
we just love him!

Merry Christmas!"

Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Holidays!

From our zoo to yours, a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Hoke, Cricket, Santa Paws, Sybil, Gem the shy BC and gone but never forgotten, Gizmo

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Freya December 2012

Robert & Ellen
Piano recital
This generation think they are sooo entitled
The Two Princesses (Ellen and Freya) enjoying a warm fire

Ellen treats Freya as a Princess

Ellen in Freya's crate

Why is Ellen in my crate?

Let me help you out of there

Ellen & Freya playing

Squinting in the sun makes her look like she is giving the evil eye

A more relaxed pose

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Rompin' in a Winter Wonderland

Hey all! As explained in the email thread, it snowed here today, and it was Stella's first time experiencing it. She was nothing short of completely exuberant. She spent all the time she had outside today racing around at top speed, and at the same time, snapping in the air trying to catch snowflakes...She also demonstrated her version of "Doggie Snow Camouflage":
If you look closely, you can make out her form, hiding in the snow. ;)

She's giving me the "Really? More pictures in front of the Christmas tree?" look. It's not my fault she would't stay still the first round. We had just washed her right before this too. That's why she looks so clean...

Muddy Puppy

Ok. so it probably doesn't look as bad as Stella does after a good romp in the mud. After a bath the tub was pretty bad. Sawyer seems to hide the mud pretty well in that coat of his.

He makes the strangest faces.

Ok, you can throw the ball already.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Our neighbor across the street got him from his Aunt who had an oopps litter in MO.
He is as sweet as can be, soft and fluffy and very handsome.

Tag is two weeks older than Freya so play like siblings

A blur of red merle was what most of the playdate looked like.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

The "other" side of Vegas

A few pictures from our outing this morning. This is 10 minutes from my house. Sweep almost discovered the Jumping Cholla Cactus. Disaster averted. A few of our neighbors on the way up. Getting out there early allows you to see things that head to higher ground or deeper into the canyons. Our treat this morning was a herd of mule deer. Probably close to 15. Two of them crossed the trill no more than 50' in front of us. No barking and perfectly still. 

Monday, December 3, 2012

Stella in Her Entirety. Photodump!

 So, I realized that I need to post some of the pictures of Stella that I've been taking since September. She's quite the photogenic little thing.

One of my favorites of her in the fall. 

This one if from when she was first introduced to a ball. It was one of the funniest things I had ever seen. She was terrified of it. 
She has a new favorite sleeping spot aka the green leather chair in the kitchen/family room. No one put her on it. She voluntarily went up there on her own, curled up and fell asleep

Rye's tongue is hysterical 
Face shot! 

Friday, November 30, 2012

Flashback Friday

Finally took a minute (maybe more) to upload the 2,348 photos off my iphone when I stumbled across these little gems. These were all taken around 4 weeks old, when they were chaotic blurs or in focus and sleeping. Sometimes I miss seeing them this small! But it has been so much fun watching all of them grow and learn. So, here is a little flashback friday for everyone...

Little Timber snoozing between the dog houses

Miss Gypsy

 Sweep was determined to have some space between the dog houses too.

 The funny thing is Sawyer still makes this face when he's sleepy.

 Rowyn before the ears came in. ;]

 Miss Stella snuggling up for a nap.

Probably one of my favorites of Stella and Freya napping together.

From Timber and Michaela

I totally agree with Katrina:
"Exercise for these endurance working dogs is the secret to happiness."

Timber is still a "no-problem-dog". A bit shy with other dogs and new situations, but I rather have him that way than being to rough and wild.
Yesterday I was skinning a raccoon, he went hunting with me, oooohhh that was a bit scary too for little Timber...
He has to do a lot, he now (8.00 am) is on his morningly walk with a friend from the village, she picks him and Ylvie every morning for an hour walk with her dogs. I do some paperwork, feed the dogs when they are back, the go myself for a quick run. (My doctor gave me a green light for starting my training finally, which makes me VERY HAPPY). So on, they will be more hikes and runs today with Matthias and the kids to come today and some tracking training with me. Of course we care for his bones, we do not over-exercise him, but he definitely is very relaxed due to being busy.

Annika and Timber

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Happy 15th Catera!

Okay, so I'm off by a week (almost).  You know me, always late it seems.  But Kris did remember and sent along a nice pix of Her Majesty on her 15th birthday last Friday, and I went into the archives and hunted up a few shots from her younger days.  Catera is our first Hall of Fame dam, the last offspring of Jack X Jazzee surviving, and she's doing quite well, thanks to Kris and Guy's excellent care, no thanks to great grandson Henry I'm sure.  Two years now and she's probably STILL waiting for him to leave!

Catera and brother Merlin, about 4 years I think

7 months old, Cayucos California and Kathy Warren (Windsong) Boot Camp

Catera with brother Bruce, about 2 years old

Doesn't she just look thrilled?

Again, it's that whole head-in-a-box gene rearing it's ugly, um, head

That tongue gene also crops up all the time.  About 3 years old in Ramona on the building site of our home

Sharing some snooze time with brother Merlin

The Queen at 15